One fact that clearly speaks for the valuable nature of Estonia is that a quarter of Estonia’s territory is designated as a nature reserve. Our trip takes you to four Estonian national parks that represent the diversity of landscapes, flora and fauna.

Kuressaare, Saaremaa
Meet your guide at Kuressaare Tourist Information office at 5pm. Drive to Vilsandi national Park, the second oldest nature protection area in Europe. Overnight at Loona Manor, the centre of National Park
Vilsandi National Park, Archipelago Boat Trip
Guided day program includes inflatable boat trip in between the islets of Vilsandi National Park, starts at an old romantic fishing harbour. You will hear stories about the sea-life and coastal people and their life-style. Coastal people have always lived “facing the sea”. Overnight at Loona Manor

Vilsandi National Park, Tropical Beauties in our Fields and Meadows
Guided walk on the meadows. There are more than 100 orchid (Orchidaceae) species growing in Europe and 37 species are native to Estonia. Our flower-guide teaches you to notice beauty even there where you usually would see only “a meadow”. Overnight at Loona Manor
Matsalu National Park,
Early morning bus to Lihula. Matsalu National Park includes Matsalu Bay and the delta area of the Kasari River together with surrounding flooded meadows, coastal meadows, reed beds and forests. Todays guided trip is a combination of excursion in the park, walks and a boat trip. In June and July the blooming plants (including orchids) of the coastal and wooded meadows are the real eye candy. If weather permits, we will drive the boat into Matsalu Bay (in the reeds if there are windy conditions). Picnic dinners in local farms are the pearls of the trip.
In the evening transfer to Pärnu, Summer Capital of Estonia. Overnight at hotel in Pärnu.
Bog Shoeing Experience in Soomaa National Park
After breakfast transfer to Soomaa, the Wilderness Capital of Estonia.
Our guided bogshoeing trip takes you to Kuresoo, the largest peat-bog of Soomaa, and the core area of Soomaa PAN Park. It is special feeling to walk with bogshoes on swampy areas, between the bog pools, further from the nature trails, where it is impossible to reach by foot.
Overnight at rural guesthouse in Soomaa. Sauna in the evening.
Canoe Trip in Soomaa National Park
Canoeing is one of the best ways to explore the wilderness of Soomaa. This day you spend paddling with local guide through pristine nature: alluvial forests and meadows.
Afternoon transfer to Pärnu. Overnight at hotel in Pärnu.
Lahemaa National Park
Lahemaa means the “Land of Bays”, though it’s not just the stunning coastline that makes it worth a visit. You will also find quaint fishing villages, beautiful historic manor houses, the smallest castle in the Baltic Counties, a bronze age grave yard and quintessentially Estonian forest trails. The Viru Bog Walk is an Estonian essential experience. Palmse manor House is an iconic Estonian attraction.

Included: local guidance in English, all activities and necessary materials.
What to bring: You should wear warm clothes and good hiking boots.

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