Harilaid peninsula and Kiipsaare lighthouse

You follow old village roads to the Harilaid peninsula before grabbing our backpacks and setting out on our journey. You pass through untouched nature and coastal habitats on you way to Kiipsaare lighthouse (built in 1933 in the middle of the peninsula, 150-200m from the coast), which the wind and waves have ‘relocated’ from land to sea and left leaning at a distinct angle. The route to the lighthouse offers stunning views of Vilsandi and the sea. Your guide will tell you about Estonia’s islands and natural environment. You will also hear stories about the lifestyles of the coastal people. On the way back we take a different route, giving you the chance to admire some rare flora.

Price: 25€ per person, min 150€
Price includes: multilingual local guide, VAT tax.

Duration: 4-5 hours
Lenght of the trail: 11 km
Difficulty: medium, as long distance to walk.
Clothing: windproof, good hiking shoes.
Picnic: you can take your own picnic or ask for picnic package or proper meal.

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