Seals Watching Tour by Boat in Vilsandi National Park

There are not too many places in Estonia where you can see grey seals in nature.
The trip begins in the visitor center of Vilsandi National Park, where you will receive an introduction to the topic. Please plan about 1 for this.
A 3 km well-preserved historical cobblestone road takes you to the old harbor, where the captain is waiting for you.
On the high seas, the ‘furry fish’ will come and explore the boat. Take along a camera and binoculars, so you can record these memorable moments. The boat has enough room for up to 10 passengers.

Price: 290€/ boat for 10 persons.

Duration: 2-2,5 hours (plus 1 hour extra for visitor center)
Clothing: wear windproof clothing.

NB! The trip is cancelled when the wind speed exceeds 8 m/s. The decision is up to the captain, because he knows best!


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